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2-8 8+ 20'


Read minds, link words!

Game Designer: Romain Loussert Romain LOUSSERT

13 WORDS is the simplest game of association, everyone can play it!

Find meaning and create links between the words.

Just find the word chosen by your captain!

13 WORDS is a cooperative game. At each turn, you all win points together if you chose the same word.

Will you beat the game and improve your score each time?

Laughter and fun guaranteed, whether with family or with friends!

Read the words around the board and guess which word the Captain has secretly selected.

To guess the Captain's choice, look for the word that you think they found has the most obvious connection to the central word.

Mark your selection on your wheel and compare it to everyone's results.

Those who match the Captain's answer earn stars for the team.

13 Words