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About Us

The Crew

The Course

Captain Games publishing house is:


We will attend the biggest events and will create moments of fun with the players who will make us the pleasure to come meet us.


We want to publish games that we have fun playing without limiting ourselves to one category of games. Our games are designed by gamers for gamers, experienced or not.


We explore the prototypes we like, repeatedly test them and develop them as far as possible to make them known to the public.

* * *

The Crew

Cédrick Caumont

"If we make games, it is because we like to play"
- Cédrick Caumont

Lumturije Krasniqi

"A good coffee, a good game and a bunch of friends. It's the best mix!"
- Lumturije Krasniqi

François Romain

"Games are where everything is possible"
- François Romain

Pirat TheDog

"Wouf Ba-ball, scratch scratch, rhaaaa"
- Pirat TheDog

* * *

How It Started

It all began with the energy of Cédrick Caumont! Cédrick is one of the co-founders of Repos Production, a publishing house of board games whose titles are references in their categories. To name a few, we can quote games such as Time's up!, their first success that they brought back from the USA and adapted to European players; 7 Wonders, the game that received the most prizes in the world and required a work that is calculated in hundreds of hours spent play-testing; as well as Concept with its white box and its particularly original game mechanics.

How It Started

From being at the head of Repos Production for several years to when the publishing house joined the family of publishers of Asmodee, the taste for game development, the overflowing energy of fairs and meetings as well as the pleasure of discovering new games never left Cédrick! It is therefore quite natural that he created this new publishing house while maintaining everything that has made him successful: his passion for games and the emotions they communicate.