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2-9 10+ 45'


Every word counts!

Game Designer:

Cédrick Caumont Cédrick CAUMONT

François Romain François ROMAIN

Focus and think carefully about your choices.

In this brain-teasing cooperative game, you have to weigh your options and wisely choose your words.

The objective of the game is simple. Each round, help two detectives find a mystery word.

To do so, the other players (the witnesses) give detectives one-word clue that start with either of the letters at the ends of the letter cards line.

Yes, it is that simple!

With every clue, the detectives discuss together and jointly offer an answer.

If the detectives find the solution, two other players become the detectives and a new word is uncovered.

If the detectives don't find the solution, the witness players suggest a new clue with a new letter card.

The fewer the clues, the more words guessed, and the higher the score!

Will you beat the world record?

With Sides, you discover the richness of language.

There is always a solution, a way out, an even better word.

The search for the perfect clue becomes your ultimate goal!

You will be surprised by how easily minds think alike. It sometimes borders on telepathy!

When we get our brains into full gear, nothing can stop them!

Image of the game Sides